Challenge Key Insights Results
Major  pharma  company
Crowded market with other brands and generics.

How to stand out from the crowd and be perceived as cost effective against the generics
Products were being prescribed OD, but patients were using prn

Sales messages should include prn usage (which was licensed) making use more cost-effective.
Brand has carved out a differentiated positioning

Number of prescriptions and overall product volume have increased.
Major pharma company
Therapy area with only 2 brands.

Previous research had failed to find a way to differentiate the brand in a compelling way.
Use of consumer-style projective techniques found clear differentiation based on a ‘more intelligent’ approach to treatment

Allowed the brand to be seen as more patient-focused.
New sales materials have been produced based on the new strategy

The brand is already showing strong increase in prescriptions

The wider product portfolio is also benefitting from the new strategy.
logo2How to move the brand from being seen as a marginal  ‘green wellie’ player in the baby foods market. Organic, natural and purity can be wholly harnessed into mothers’ fundamental drive to offer the best start for baby

The HiPP brand identity needs to be warm, welcoming and reassuring rather than distant, daunting and expensive which is how organic can be perceived.
The brand has successfully developed a strong and mainstream identity through all aspects of the brand mix accompanied by strong promotional activity

HiPP has become the leading baby food brand outselling Heinz and Cow & Gate. 
logo3Brand was positioned in the toothpaste market and was struggling to compete against the ‘big boys’. Whitening polish can never compete with toothpaste – not perceived as effective for basic hygiene, plaque removal, etc.

Need to re-position away from toothpaste as a beauty product / cosmetic.
The brand has been radically re-positioned  via a series of small steps over time – always guided by research

New cosmetic / beauty products have been launched

Sales have shown continued increases year-on-year since the re-positioning.