Modern psychology and neuroscience have shown beyond doubt that decision-making is primarily emotional and unconscious

‘The conscious mind... is a spin doctor, not the commander-in-chief’

Professor Steven Pinker

"Ninety-five percent of thinking takes place in our unconscious minds –that wonderful, if messy, stew of memories, emotions, thoughts, and other cognitive processes we're not aware of or that we can't articulate".         

Professor Gerald Zaltman

to measure unconscious implicit feelings


Mindscape has been developed using qualitative and quantitative neuro-scientific techniques (developed with Durham University) in both large and small samples to show you how the brain responds to products, brands and communications.

Mindscape is particularly valuable in situations where brands are stuck and innovative research is needed to help unlock the brand’s potential.

Mindscape offers a great deal and we would love to come along and take you through how it works – please contact us for a meeting on Mindscape.

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